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        TITRE ORIGINAL :  
  GENRES :  erotica
  AUTEUR : Kentaro Mizuno
  VOLUMES, TYPE & DURÉE : 2 OAV 30 mins

Synopsis :
Wakao Kazuma, dies of heart disease leaving behind a large estate. He just happened to be married to a younger woman, Megumi. At the time of his death, Kyosuke his son who didn't like the relationship between the two tells Megumi to leave the house. So, Megumi counter proposes that he can do anything he wants to Yuna, her daughter & his step-sister, if they are allowed to stay in his house. This leads all three down a path that no one expected . . . .

OAV 01
OAV 02

Dynames Team Darth Fansub Kashira no Fansub Kashira no Fansub Fansub-Resort Japanshin Japanshin Japanshin Japanshin Japanshin Japanshin Japanshin Japanshin Japanshin Japanshin Japanshin Japanshin Umino_Kaizoku