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Ride of the Valkyrie

        TITRE ORIGINAL :  
Ikusa Otome Valkyrie Shinshō
 Himajin Planning
  GENRES :  erotica, supernatural
  AUTEUR : ????????
  VOLUMES, TYPE & DURÉE : 2 OAV 29 mins

Synopsis :
Goddess of war; valkeries; are fierce in battle and can't be beaten by anyone in the world. But they have the defect of being attracted to normal male humans, thats what the inhabitants of the overworld noticed and decided to use in their advantage. Not only to win battles, but to take some valkeries under they control turning them into sex slaves, ones just lose their selves and become souless sex slaves but other deny to lose their pride and keep fighting; almost everytime; with words. Freiya was captured and the devils can now see where exactly is each goddess, this leading to dissaster.

OAV 01
OAV 02

Dynames Team Darth Fansub Kashira no Fansub Kashira no Fansub Fansub-Resort Japanshin Japanshin Japanshin Japanshin Japanshin Japanshin Japanshin Japanshin Japanshin Japanshin Japanshin Japanshin Umino_Kaizoku